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It’s kind of amazing to think that three generations of our family have snacked on things while sitting in it (I also used it for a stint when I was younger). That’s what I got on this week for my Dude Get On That Already challenge.

And it was a nice big item to remove from the playroom. I wish I could take photos of the playroom as my embarrassingly giant mess o’ things is reduced each week, but since we have secret book projects in the mix we’re not allowed to reveal those. Anyway, what highly overdue task have you guys tackled recently?

I intentionally didn’t sand the chair at all because there were old paint splatters on it that I worried could be lead paint, since this chair is very very very old (haha, sorry for all the verys mom- you don’t look a day over 29! So per the recommendation for lead paint, I let it lie and just opted to paint right over it.

I applied three super thin and even coats of spray primer (more of a mist than a coat actually, and I always kept my hand moving and my nozzle around 8-12″ away from the chair – see more spray painting tips here).

As a family business, we work together and strive to ensure that every client will hopefully have a stress-free, comfortable experience, and feel confident that they have chosen the best mover for the job. is a leader in providing value-added structural moving services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the moving process.

It is our pledge to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of Simmons House Moving team.

For detailed information on the Zoning Bylaw, please contact the Development Services Department.

Getting to #Cures took the work of everyone on this committee and the strong leadership of @repfredupton and @repdianadegette.

After two days outside it was pretty much cured up, but I let it sit for another 48 hours in the sunroom with the windows open, just to be sure that it was nice and dry (and no longer smelled like spray paint) before bringing it inside. See those shiny gleaming spots on the chair in the pic below? It’s also super durable and wipeable since it has extra flex and shine in the formula. The girl loves her big girl chair and yellow just happens to be her current favorite color.

As for what I used, I actually went with my favorite spray paint with primer built in.

It’s called Rustoleum Universal in the satin white color.

I had been waiting patiently to give it a little upgrade (it was covered in old paint splatters and smelled musty and smoky from a ton of years in storage) and now that Clara is big enough to sit in it without a lap belt, it was finally time to get ‘er done (after, you guessed it, sticking it in our playroom for at least eight months).

I debated a ton of “refinishing” options: First came the spray priming step.

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