Trust in dating

You should be able to count on him when you need him the most.

It could be moving some boxes, being a shoulder to cry on if someone close to you dies, or something really simple like changing a light bulb.

Another sign that you cannot trust the man you are with is when you do not know his friends well.

This does not mean that you have to be best friends with his circle of bros, but they should at least know who you are.

They probably get introduced to a new girl very often, thus the slip ups.

11 clear signs you can’t trust the guy you’re dating At the end of the day, some people can be trusted and some people cannot. One way to tell if your man can be trusted is to pay attention to the signs listed below.

If he is guilty of more than three, he is probably not someone you want to trust with your heart.

And there comes a point in every relationship when you realize that you are falling for the man you are dating and want to take things to the next level.

However, being the smart woman that you are, you find it important to address and eliminate all doubt in your mind before continuing any further.

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