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the place where you can express and share your views on topical issues, or even have a rant if you feel so inclined. Over 55's are increasingley using Lifetime Mortgages,to safely unlock the money tied up in their homes.Silversurfers is your community and your opinion counts. Of course this will differ according to where we pay hourly? These are attractive for a number of reasons no monthly repayments,no upper age or income restrictions. Thanks for replying Despite major reforms to the criteria for issue of blue parking badges, councils around the UK are issuing them in ever-increasing numbers.

With that Size of this Continent of Australia Distances were a HUGE problem when attempting ot Travel Interstate even.

Yeah right, tramadol are a class A drug in this country available only on prescription when I was in hospital suffering from double compound fracture and skin graft these drugs could only be given to me if two senior nurses opened the safe where they were kept. How the hell did this woman who was not ill manage to get hold of 280, give me a break.

My husband and I are no longer able to get overseas travel insurance because of our age and health. Considering Flights & Airlines alongside these Increased Fares past the 31st October when the busy season sets in.

Far too many blue badges are still being issued - they should be far more strictly controlled. The real problem that the UK faces is old age not immigration.

On a recent visit to a major teaching hospital in Cardiff, there was a WALK of at least 500 yards from the 'Disabled Car Park' to the nearest clinic or ward, yet ambulant badge holders strolled leisurely in.

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