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Sometimes people reading the Truth get depressed by it.

For people with big hearts though, the truth gets them started with an Implacable Opposition to Absolute Evil.

"Pervert" means "to overthrow the soul," "to turn around from the right hand path," while "deviate" (de and via, the way or path) suggests "off the road of the Path of the Soul," "out of the way." Not only does male or female sexual congress with any evil person cause degeneration but Anal intercourse is a specific Satanic Left hand path of Kundalini arousal method which activates the Kundalini but which also injects a stream of Satanic Energy Blockages into the student which perverts and eventually bestialises and psychopathises their mind, but this movement of the student away from the "Dharma" Soul Path also burns up specific energies already stored whose purpose is to aid the Enlightenment process of the student.

Satanism takes the philosophy and symbols of every religion, inverts it and thus perverts that philosophy.

Modern gay homosexuality also can trace some of its roots to that movement of men and boys who wandered around the countryside, hiking and singing hand-in-hand, enjoying nature, life together, and their sexuality.

Ultimately Satanic Hitler used and transformed the movement much as the Romans had abused the paiderastia of the ancient Greeks expanding and building upon its romanticism as a basis for the Nazi Party (Rossman:103).

Around the table, left to right: Preston Hotchkis, California Governor Ronald W.

Reagan, Harvey Hancock (standing), Vice President Richard M. The Elite, for 10,000 years, have used meditation and psychic powers as part of their mind control arsenal.

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