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A fitness instructor accused of murdering his adopted toddler daughter, whom he described as “Satan” and a “diva” in text messages, told police she was a happy child, a court has heard.

Matthew Scully-Hicks is on trial at Cardiff Crown Court accused of killing Elsie Scully-Hicks, who was 18 months old when she died in May 2016.

A series of medical experts have said the injuries were likely to have been caused by shaking.

Scully-Hicks said: “A priest isn't a bad shout, I'll look on Google now.

LOL xxx” He sent another message to his husband, who the court heard was away for work regularly, saying he felt “ready to explode, it has been a difficult few days”. “She wakes up at regular intervals during the night.

The court previously heard Elsie's injuries in May were consistent with her being “shaken violently” and having her head “rocked backwards and forwards so that her head was flexed down onto her chest and flexed backwards”. “I am not satisfied the medical reports explored everything, they explored one option,” he said.

“I want answers as much as anybody but I cannot accept that the only answer people are giving me is that I have caused these injuries.” Scully-Hicks said he “dealt with her appropriately on all occasions” and sought medical attention for Elsie when she needed it.

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