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Today, our research focuses on individual and interactive judgment and decision making and explores the role of personal bias, cognition and learning, time, perception, ethics and morality, and emotion.A modern twist, imbued with Italian style, luxury and taste.If the answer is no the managers rely on a translation application in their phone to communicate.Entering the actual facilities requires following the manager through some halls into a locker room that looks a lot like a run down version of the changing rooms at Macau saunas.

Since these websites have been around for a while with plenty of interaction it seems that it would be okay to at least report on some of the more public places that openly advertise their services.

The main reason though was a fear that any reporting done on this website could contribute to repression against the women working in the industry since the sale of sex and related services remain illegal in China.

It’s difficult to know whether or not my fears were reasonable but the fact that the once vibrant and extensive sauna scene in southern China was decimated by raids not long ago shows what is possible.

Ever since their origins about three decades ago, the Behavioral Science areas of economics, ethics and managerial psychology have been rapidly evolving.

In the 1980's and 1990's, early work by Max Bazerman in judgment and negotiation, Matthew Rabin in behavioral economics, and James Sebenius in negotiations was instrumental in shaping research on Human Behavior & Decision-Making.

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