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I'm sure there is an explanation in a book about such a dream. You look great." Even though it's in a dream that makes me feel slightly better. Michael had noticed the gradual change and he tackled me about it. I didn't want him to see my naked body even though he knows it in every detail. He searched the net and found a nudist site about thirty miles away. Apparently they are used to reluctant first-timers and offer a sample mid week couple of days at a low price. A couple of days together at a nudist resort might be wonderful.

What disturbs me is that passers-by stare, point and make rude comments about my sagging breasts, stretch marks and flabby skin. Unlike the preconceptions of builders I have never heard them comment on any passing woman, whatever their age and body shape. They have a special one for over-60s for Wednesday and Thursday in three weeks' time.

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Michael had met some of his wider family and renewed contacts. But next morning, Tuesday morning, I was worrying about deliberately shedding my clothes tomorrow. I don't care whether it rains, hails, snows or whatever. " I wasn't but I screwed up my courage to say "Yes". If I couldn't face nudity I could dress and go for a walk beyond the nudist area. He stood up as I walked past him, smiled, and said: "You're looking wonderful today, Mrs Amos." He pulled out my office chair as if he was seating me in a restaurant. I knew that Harry was basically a nice lad but a compliment on my nude, saggy, battered body was more than I had expected. The rest have known me for years and ignore me, just as they ignore each other. Harry is the youngest but he's in his mid twenties, newly married, and very much in love with his wife.

Would the nudist camp cure me of my recently acquired prudishness, or would it be too much for me to strip before strangers? "Hang on, Joan, I'll look at their internet site," he replied. "Yes," Michael said, "they have a recreation room, an indoor swimming pool, at least one covered tennis court and the dining room and bar are indoors." I took a deep breath. I didn't like waking up every night with a mild panic attack. We know we are competent and just work in the same room. The rest of us lost our enthusiasm for our routine work tasks years or even decades ago. Like many new members of staff he wants to know why we do it this way and not that.

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Perhaps we can make up for it tonight." "Which reminds me, Joan. You said 'Thank you, Harry' in your sleep." Over breakfast I explained about my dream and how Harry was the only person who complimented me on my nakedness. I worried about it all day, so much so that some of my colleagues noticed. He thought that we might have to defer our nudist experiment if the weather was really bad. When one of them asked, I replied that we were going away for a couple of days tomorrow to try something new and I wasn't sure I'd enjoy it. ************************************************* Several times in the last month I have woken in the night after a disturbing nightmare. I have been walking to work dressed in one of my office outfits of calf-length grey skirt and white blouse when my clothes vanish and I'm naked. I would be displaying my naked imperfections to everyone there.

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