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I actually felt like standing up and cheering when Hugh Grant (as the Prime Minister) finally tells the American president to his face and in front of the worlds press that Britain will no longer kowtow to American wishes but will have an independent view of its own.

Considering that America is the biggest market for movies it was extremely brave of Richard Curtis to write this scene and he deserves a lot of credit for portraying the American president as rather loathsome and putting into context what the `Special Relationship' really is all about.

It just seems to me that the left half is folded underneath a crease, like the "2" of "25,000,000" directly below it.

See more » Like most guys I would never have seen this movie on my own or with male friends.Richard Curtis just asked the prop people to take Ken and put him in dresses.Emma Thompson had such a difficult time with the scene, saying she just could not lift the dolls knowing that they were Ken in drag, but in the end she gave in and shot the scene.Its Wikipedia page contains a lot of its history dating back to 1981, however this is not entirely convincing for the same reason--a lot of its references are from Twin It claims to have collaborated with Guinness World Records; the link is dead but an old version can be seen here which confirms a lot of the history. Awesome because I can't believe anyone like that could take themselves completely seriously. Awesome is Roy Shildt's half-serious persona--and the serious half reflects Shildt's willingness to do anything to be famous.

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