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“My dad always instilled in us, ‘Everybody’s watching you,’ ” she recalls.

While Howard “always said it was for our protection,” she attributes his warnings to “narcissism.” “I was alone.

“I believed that my parents were very much in love,” Emily says, reflecting on her past. “Maybe he couldn’t handle it when she went back to work as a psychoanalyst.” Raised in tony Old Westbury, LI, the Stern daughters’ sheen as progeny of a celebrity belied a much more complicated adolescence.

Emily says it was difficult to deal with Howard’s fame.

Emily got her first mantra at age 10, and still practices today.

Jennifer Borget is a photographer and journalist who offers great advice on simple ways to take dynamic photos.

She’s also an energetic mother of two young children, and in the quick tutorial below she demonstrates how you can shoot self-portraits with your kids that you’ll cherish forever. Like millions of other Americans, you may be planning to travel to a destination where you can do a few of the things you really enjoy—including some inspired photography. Share this story with your significant other and maybe they’ll take the hint that this year you both need a photo-perfect vacation. It’s a truism that applies to things much lighter than D-Day, too.

You can watch the child photography how-to video, which was produced by Smug Mug, at the bottom of this post.

I recently attended the TICO Warbird Airshow (which is affiliated with the local Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum), an event held at the Space Coast Regional Airport in Florida each March.

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