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Sometimes, I really am busy and something really does come up but how do you know the difference? That’s how you know if the dating excuse is not just an excuse, that’s how you know it’s legit. When a guy cancels a first date, you may find yourself listing all the reasons why.Just hearing that congestion in his voice was brilliant deception. Offer to drop off some soup to his apartment and then check the wastebasket for discarded tissues. Have you heard any of these dating excuses men give?I know I have, but I will admit I’ve also given some of the same ones too.So someone’s cancelled on you the last minute, or, they just can’t be in a relationship right now because they aren’t ready, or, they couldn’t respond to your text for 5 days because something happened … Dating excuses happen, some are good, some are bad and some are downright ridiculous, but, are they legit? I mean some seem plausible, but, are all dating excuses created equal?How do you know if they’re being honest or if they just got a better offer?In any case, I try to give people the benefit of the doubt.So far, every person that has cancelled on me has never rescheduled. I know it happens to both men and women quite frequently.

I understand things come up, and plans change and/or get canceled.

For instance, I'd be more forgiving of, "Sorry, I can't make it tomorrow, but are you available on Thursday? LOL Seriously, if they can reschedule that is fine. Give at least 24 hours, I have never cancelled but some of us have jobs that we may need to make sure we are going to be available. However I would make sure I rescheduled on a day off due to the nature of my work.

It's happend to me before and honestly I don't put a lot of thought into it.

I'm starting to think I should just go by a one strike rule, unless the other person seems to legitimately wish to reschedule (like an actual phone call rather than a damned text, for instance). Luckily it only happened to me once when I first started dating a few years ago.

I was getting ready for a second date with this guy, and I thought he really liked me.

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