Dating baseball analogy

With no outs in the ninth inning, and with runners on first and second, the batter hit a screaming line drive up the middle.Bruntlett made a good play by catching the ball (out # 1), then stepping on the base to throw out the runner who had failed to tag for out # 2.Our restoration scriptures make it clear that the Fall was not an impediment to our salvation, but an important part of it.

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Instead of dissecting corporate balance sheets and earnings statements, he became a hard-core proponent of technical market...In the 1970s, White Sox announcer Harry Caray started leading fans in a sing-along during the seventh inning stretch, a tradition that continues nearly twenty years after his death. Innumerable songs have come in between to exalt wily pitchers and hard hitters, to daydream about younger days or to make a few salacious come-ons about bats and balls.The Baseball Project is a power-pop all-star team — featuring members of R. M., the Dream Syndicate, and the Minus 5 — devoted to commemorating the national pastime with clever lyrics and super-catchy hooks.On their just-released third album, "3rd," the band addresses this standout to the veterans’ committee, arguing for Dale Murphy’s inclusion in the Hall of Fame.It’s hard to tell which is more persuasive: the former Atlanta outfielder’s impressive stats or the band’s sky-high chorus.

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