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No presto demasiada atencin a las crticas sean buenas, malas o regulares.

What is your name in Spanish Como te llamas en inglés Reflexives in Spanish Reflexivos en inglés Possessive Adjectives in Spanish Adjetivos Posesivos en inglés Palabras para hacer preguntas en inglès Question Words in Spanish.There are sometimes weirdos flooding the room with garbage. You can use these links to add espanglishchat to things.The links will open up a new window and not take you away from the chat. Use code AFFILIATE50 - Ends 12/24/17 Click here to learn Spanish with affordable interactive language learning courses.Haz clic aqui para aprender ingles rápidamente The recommended music for using espanglishchat is here. Click here Write the first letter or letters of the Spanish verb you want to conjugate.Password protect your login name click before it gets cloned.

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