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The Sea of Galilee is in fact a lake; it is 13 miles land and 7.5 miles wide, 50 meters deep, with a surface area of 63.7 square miles.In a land so barren, this fresh-water lake provides much needed greenery, respite for the eyes and the soul and, through the intense cultivation possible here, nourishment for the body.Nazareth Village is a truly unique way to immerse yourself in the Bible.The focal point of Nazareth is the Church if the Annunciation, situated in the city’s old market quarter.The Sea of Galilee is the catchment basin for the Jordan River and is fed by the melting snows if Mount Hermon to the north.

Jesus spent his childhood here, though the gospels give no description of these formative years.

This church was completed in 1969 and is the fifth church built on the spit where the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary to announce the birth of Jesus.

Four miles beyond Nazareth in the direction of Tiberias is the Arab village of Cana.

Jesus commanded that six stone jars used in the ritual purification be filled with water.

When the water was drawn off it miraculously turned to wine. Mount Tabor, at 1850 feet, is the highest mountain in the area.

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