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Especially since, not only is it available for Mac and Windows (and is probably simple enough to work on Wine), but it’s also available for just a couple bucks as Kindle Active Content.

That up there is my father, a sarcastic wit who needs to rein in his youngest daughter Lydianne I’ll note from the start that the Kindle version puts a lot of text together instead of making you step through every single speaking part.

I found this delightful Ren’Py Princess Maker-type Jane Austen thing on Amazon, starved of western dating sims as we are, and unlikely to date a pigeon.

You play a not unrecognisable Elizabeth Bennet character, and there are several suitors from across three Austen books to seduce into marriage, with nine different ‘endings’ up for grabs.

The heroine, Hitomi, would be an average highschool girlif you ignored the fact that she literally weighs 100 kg.

The game starts with a flashback of heroine's childhood when she used to be a cute young model, but as she grew up she developed a fondness for sweets and junk foods that she got as gifts (also her weird siscon Onii-chan encouraged her since in his opinion, her smiling face when she eats is the best) and by the 2nd year of high school, she has become rather round.

First up is the Zelda rule: when given the opportunity to type in your name, always give the most absurd proposition.

This, though you might be an elderly 28 years old, will still be hilarious on the hundredth time it pops up.

Ryutaro: Hitomi: *sigh* This isn't enough for me after all. "Maidenly Love Revolution LOVE REVO") is a niche dating simulation visual novel series developed by Hune X and first released on the Play Station 2 in 2006.

I have a horrible cold and I am miserable so naturally I am dating pigeons. We just had a conversation about how how it's hard to get the day started without red meat in your belly, and now we are going to St. So there I am, swanning around school minding my business, when the fantail comes across his half-brother and decides to get all racist towards him. Dude, not the most graceful rebound from being slammed by your brother. OH GOD So anywhere there I am deciding what random vial of horrible to gobble down first when I notice that the doctor's desk is messy.

OH SHIT HE SAW THROUGH MY CUNNING DISGUISE After that, my teacher lets me know that my childhood friend went to the infirmary with a stomach ache. I may have the body of a person but I have the soul and instincts of a beautiful raptor, goddamnit. So I poke around wondering what all the drugs are when suddenly So it comes time for me to choose what afterschool club I am going to join and OF COURSE I pick the health team because I gotta get me that crazy doctor. Now Yuuya did warn me not to touch the desk, but I bet if I tidy up his desk he'll suddenly- Oh cliches, you so predictable. You gonna do anything about it other than trying to act vaguely menacing? Oh well, at least I have a totally bitchin' cave to hang out in.

With some "encouragement" from the school doctor and her Onii-chan who has suddenly become very fired up after hearing the story of her humiliation, she sets on a journey to become pretty once again!

Hatoful Boyfriend, the bizarre game of pigeon dating in a (nearly) post-human world has gone gold and the masochistic Angie Gallant is writing another Let’s Play on this strange creation with the terrifying FAT BIRD. Check out "Getting Started with Dwarf Fortress", a book I've written available in ebook and print formats.

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