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The hybrid between a stallion and a jenny is a hinny, and is less common.

Like other inter-species hybrids, mules and hinnies are usually sterile.

As beasts of burden and companions, asses and donkeys have worked together with humans for millennia.

Traditionally, the scientific name for the donkey is Equus asinus asinus based on the principle of priority used for scientific names of animals.

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The time lapse involved in rebreeding, and the length of a jenny's gestation, means that a jenny will have fewer than one foal per year.However, the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature ruled in 2003 that if the domestic species and the wild species are considered subspecies of one another, the scientific name of the wild species has priority, even when that subspecies was described after the domestic subspecies.This means that the proper scientific name for the donkey is Equus africanus asinus when it is considered a subspecies, and Equus asinus when it is considered a species.Working donkeys are often associated with those living at or below subsistence levels.Small numbers of donkeys are kept for breeding or as pets in developed countries.

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